Tube Glaze Process

  • We call the Customer ahead, usually on the way
  • When arrive, we lay tarps, if necessary, to get to bathroom
  • We go over invoice with Customer (if there) of work they want done, AND what is scheduled on invoice.
    If anything is Different, we immediately call Office, then discuss with Customer before proceeding: NO surprises.
  • We give Customer a copy of our Warranty, to read & ask questions while there, if needed.
  • Regular bathtub usually takes 3-4 hours, total. Tub and tile glazed takes 6-7 hours.
  • We cover everything in bathroom with tarps, paper or painter's plastic.
  • We set up a vent system (50 foot hose) from the bathroom to a nearby window (usually a bedroom)
  • 90% of our time is spent cleaning, preparing, masking, getting it ready, priming
  • When ready, we hang a tarp over doorway, & spray 4 coats of high-gloss, top-coat glaze; we blow it dry between each coat for better adhesion
  • If Customer is there, we have them look at it; everyone goes,"oooh, ahh."
  • We close the door, & tub can be used again in 24 hours
  • We fill out & go over the Warranty with the Customer.
    Every thing one needs to know is there: it's all very simple.
  • We get paid, and pack up & leave.