Try Shower Glazing for an Amazing Clean

Try Shower Glazing for an Amazing Clean

Call Tub Glaze Inc. to finish your Holland, MI bathroom

Shower glazing works under the same concept as tub glazing. It’s a great way to clean and protect your shower so that you don’t have to replace it. Save time and money when you opt for shower glazing from Tub Glaze Inc.!

Chances are, you use your shower almost daily. But, no matter how much you clean the inside of your shower, it’s still susceptible to harmful agents like:

• Moisture buildup
• Water damage
• Mold

Banish unsightly buildup when you call Tub Glaze Inc. to glaze the showers in your Holland, MI home. Call us today at 616-538-3310 to get started.

What kind of shower do you have? We service any surface.

It doesn’t matter if your shower is tile, fiberglass or steel-lined, you can trust the folks at Tub Glaze Inc. to get it looking brand new. Ready to get your shower glazed? Call Tub Glaze Inc. today to get started
616-538-3310 or contact us by email at tubglaze@aol.com.