Featured Customer

Your technician refinished my tub on May 14.

I wanted you to know how happy I am with the results. And your advice about spraying down the shower walls and tub with Ivory soap in water after every second shower has kept everything sparkling clean.

Just a suggestion for your customers: there is a small garden style sprayer that pumps up, then sprays a fine continuous mist. It's perfect for the detergent spray, especially for my somewhat arthritic hands.

Thanks so much for my beautiful tub!

Mary C.

Just had tub glaze done on my main tub. They did an awesome job!!! Doug did an awesome job. Tub smooth without any imperfections. Cleanup a breeze. Tub looks like new. Thank you. Would highly recommend

Theresa T

Harvey and Steve were incredibly easy to work with and complete professionals. The work was done quickly but most importantly, the work was done well. The information regarding how to prepare for the appointment was helpful and easy to follow. The directions they provided regarding how to care for and maintain the product once the work was finished is also on-point. Steve was knowledgeable, friendly, had great communication regarding when he would be there, was on-time and didn't waste time. I would definitely recommend them for any of your shower/tub needs.

Lauren S,.

Harvey and Doug were both great to work with... Doug was in and out fast and the tub looks great! I would highly recommend them.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

Bryce McMahon


Thank you for making our old, ugly (well, I guess someone liked it) bathroom tile look so good - we love it! I'll send you pictures when we have completed the room - as you can see from the pictures I already sent, it's still pretty unfinished. We're very excited to have a beautiful, fully functioning bathroom!
I wondered if I could bother you one more time to get the name/number of the white paint color you used on the tile. I'd like to match it when I paint our sink vanity and as you know there are a lot of whites. Thanks for your help. And thanks for providing such great customer service!

Sue Doenier

I am so thrilled how great my tub looks! My 1970's harvest gold tub is now a sparkling white and looks brand new! Thank you, Harvey and Doug, for your help and kindness. It truly was a pleasure doing business with you guys!

Carol Kuiper

I absolutely LOVE how fabulous our bathroom turned out! Both the sink and the floor look brand new, never better!
I went in at 72 hours, stood in amazement, and then very carefully removed all of the paper and tape. Everything came off very easily. I couldn't believe all of the time it took to prepare the room for the final steps.
Thank you again, Doug, for being so extremely conscientious, knowledgeable and patient! (You're also a very pleasant person.)
Thanks again, Harvey. I'm a very happy customer. I'm really looking forward to having my other two bathrooms done on April and 17th,18th and 19th. Thanks again!

Bev K

We had 2 claw foot tubs re-glazed and they came out beautifully! I would recommend Tub Glaze to everyone.

Dawn Skinner

Grand Rapids, MI

Tub Glaze has done 5 tubs for us and one is around 6 years old Still looks good although our well water leaves a stain where water runs down center.. Very great to work with and well worth the money. They look brand new....

Brent Hoitenga

We started with Tubglaze many years ago when we really wanted to update our ugly 1960's salmon tile color, and beat up bath tub. The result of this work was indeed awesome. David totally re-glazed the entire upstairs bathroom to a much more modern subway tile look. Not was this job simply jaw dropping for us, but to everyone through the years who made positive comments on how terrific this difficult job must have been to complete. You promised this result and clearly delivered !

Through the years our friendship grew. We had various other smaller jobs to be done, and always came back to you. Satisfaction always guaranteed at every turn.

We decided to go with a tub insert some years later. Although this fitter worked well for a time, small things, then much bigger problems started to occur. At each fork in the road, we always went back to you for input and/or services. Finally this year, we decided to remove the tub insert, with Harvey's assurance that he could put the original house tub back into great shape. We didn't even question him, as we knew he would deliver.

This job was very difficult. There were often issues and challenges as Doug wrestled the old fitter off the tub, scraped the old stinky glue away, prepared the tub for glazing, and then completed the tub glazing process. As it turned out, Doug needed to return for a second stop to make the job ''Harvey perfect''. This was not Doug's fault as too much hot & dirty work was attempted at the initial visit. But most importantly, the job was completed yesterday, and we could not not be more pleased with the service outcome ! Harvey to the rescue again :)

We would like to say a few words about awesome Harvey. First of all, his deep and abiding Christian approach to life and his business is his foundation. He expresses excellent people skills, and can always be reached in a timely fashion. But what sets him apart is his positive proactive problem-solving. He is one of the most proactive and positive persons we have ever encountered. Even under the most challenging circumstances, he is forward and constructive thinking, and NEVER utters a harsh or ugly word. He stands behind his work 100% Needless to say, he's one of our favorite service people, and we would not ever hesitate to unconditionally recommend Tubglaze to anyone in need.

Tom & Linda Mulder

We love our "new" WHITE tub and tile! Good-bye 1965 PINK! Everything was done very professionally.

Linda Eadie

Grand Rapids, MI

Harvey's guys have refinished 4 tubs for me so far. All four tubs look brand new! His guys are courteous, friendly and do a great job of communicating arrival times, problems or concerns at the job. They do a great job of covering the room to prevent over spray. The warranties are excellent. I highly recommend Tub Glaze!

Doug Gesink

Grand Rapids, MI

I used Tub Glaze on a house we were selling and it was perfect. Steve helped me out by getting the project done on a holiday so we could stay on schedule. I have also worked with Harvey in the past and had great results as well. I would highly recommend Tub Glaze for your tub or porcelain project.

Curt H

I am so totally happy with the way my old claw foot tub looks.
Looks better than new, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend tub glaze.
Great job Steve!

Carol Maurer

Grand Rapids, MI

The result is outstanding, and communication between customer and provider was excellent.

Kathy DeFouw

Back in March of 2017 I had Steve come from Grand Rapids and strip my old claw foot tub and then re-glaze it. It took him a couple of hours. When he was done it looked great. After he had left I found a spot by the drain that wasn't done completely, I could see some small cracks in the finish. I took a picture of the issue and contacted the company. I spoke to the owner, who happened to be in Florida on vacation. He agreed immediately that there was an issue and had Steve come back and touch up the spot at no additional charge. It looks great.
I have used the tub a couple of times a week (on days I don't use the tub I use a separate shower. I like the tub for soaking) now for about 6 weeks and I haven't had a single issue. The finish looks wonderful following what I was told to use for bubble bath to help maintain the appearance of the tub.
For me, one of the measures of a quality company is their response to a problem. These guys were without a doubt one of the best companies I have dealt with. I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND THESE GUYS TO ANYONE. It has been 26 years since I had to re-glaze the tub and from the looks of the job Tub Glaze did for me I would say it will be good for another 26 years at least. Thanks for the fine job!! Dave

Dave Peters

Shepherd, Michigan

My husband and I purchased our retirement home in Ludington. Our home had three showers that needed attention, but did not want to knock out the old ones. One of the tubs was the original from the 60's , the color blue, and had cracks all the way through in numerous areas on the bottom. There were permanent stains in one of the other tubs. Our plumber suggested we have our tubs reglazed, and gave us Harvey's name. What an Amazing job! Our blue tub is now this dazzling white! When people see it, they can't believe it's not new! Nick was the young gentleman that Harvey sent out to do our job. He was very professional, and truly an asset to Harvey's company. Absolutely love our finished project!

Pat and Patti Marley

Happy Customers

You glazed my tub 10 years ago on 1/28/2008 and it is still good! That shower has been used daily for 2 years by 6 people.

Doris Nienhuis

We were very pleased with the work Steve did on our tub. Very pleasant and professional.

Patrick Dooling

Steve was very professional, courteous, conscientious, and neat (and he gets bonus points for being from WV). He is an outstanding representative of your profession.

K. DelVecchios

Thank you for the job you did on our tub. I am amazed at what a difference it makes, and how nice it looks. That bathroom has been needing a lot of work, but I am very glad we did not have to pull that tub out. Thank you for all your kindness.

Carol Wierenga

I wanted to thank Harvey & his staff for doing a great job on our tub reglaze. It looks brand new. The communication was excellent from scheduling, how to prepare tub/area to when they would arrive.

I would highly recommend their service and level of quality based on the job they did for us.

Chris B.