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About Us

Tub Glaze can reglaze your bathtub for a fraction of the cost of replacing it in Grand Rapids, MI.

Tub glaze can reglaze your bathtub for a fraction of the cost & time of replacing it, both in Grand Rapids and beyond (nearly state wide in Michigan). Reglazing your bathtub, tile and shower can help restore their original shine and luster. Glazing covers stains, and chips & damage can be repaired, which would add value to your bathroom and home for a fraction of the price of replacing units with new. Reglazing is not a simple process, as most companies do not make it in this industry. Yet we have completed over 125,000 jobs, and most of our work is now repeat & referral. So a normal job is: we set up the appointment, send you a confirmation email with instructions, arrive, mask the room off, prepare the unit, set up our vent system, glaze the unit (usually in about 3-4 hours), and then you can use it 24 hours later. We can change a unit from any color to any color, or match existing colors. We can repair chips, cracks, holes and damage in units. And glazing cover stains. The glazing process is fast and affordable. Tub Glaze repairs & re-builds Soft and spongy and cracked fiberglass floors in tubs & showers, and rebuilds the floor to be stronger than original. We also can do cut outs, so that customers can step through their tubs, instead of over. They also can become a tub again with a quick attach door panel. (See the quick tub tab.) We have offices on the East and West side of the state. On the west side alone, we have over 1200 repeat companies that we do business for. We are the only company we know of in Michigan that offers (and actually stands behind) a 5 year written warranty on rentals. Tub Glaze is certified with every known tub manufacturer in America and Canada that we do warranty work for, like jacuzzi, Kohler, American standard, Delta faucet & Maax Aker, etc.

Our job process:

Reglazing is not a simple process, as most companies do not make it in this business. We re-do other companies work every day for the last 33 years. The process seems easy to us, though there's many steps in doing it, maybe because we've done over 125,000+ jobs. Simply, you schedule a job on the phone, & we text you a date. When approved, we send you a confirmation email with instructions, which is simple, but very thorough, to answer any questions. Then we Call you on the way of the appointment time. If needed, we then look at the job with you and make sure of the job, as we answer any questions or concerns. And then 90% of our time is preparing to glaze the tub. We basically cover everything in the room with tarps, paper and plastic. We set up a vent system, a 50ft by 8inch diameter hose from the bathroom to a nearby bedroom. We place the hose out the window, and Cover the remaining hole so you're not losing any air or weather. We clean and prepare units as needed. We hang a tarp over the door and spray 4 Coats of glaze, and blow it dry between each coat. We have you look at it when completed, and everybody gets excited. Then we ask you to stay out of the room for 24 hours so it has time to dry and harden. Then you can remove the tape and use it. There's a 5 year written warranty on most jobs, everything is simple and common sense.

Differences between tub glaze and other companies:

Because the owner has an eye for detail, and has done nearly 50,000 jobs himself, he has learned many tricks of the trade which others have yet to learn. For example, our non slip floors are not rough like most companies. People say they don't see ours, so they're not dirty all the time. On most tubs, TG includes a waterproof seal instead of caulk. We offer that from the floor up and around the edge of the tub. We suggest a cleaning product and procedure that most people find they don't clean their tub or showers near as often. The product is available at stores and online, and most people know of it, though it's not advertised for tubs. It is the easiest, best, and least expensive way we know to care for the tub. We offer a 5 year written warranty on rentals, whereas every landlord and property management company that contacts us says all the other companies only offer one year. It did take us 15 years to figure out how to offer this written warranty. TG Warranties cover everything but customer damage & neglect. And it works! We always seek to go The Extra Mile to do & make the job right, and to both help & please customers. Unfortunately we can't please every customer 100%, though 99% are, and almost every job is either repeat or referral.

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Tub Glazing is a skill that takes years to perfect

Tub Glazing is a skill that takes years to perfect

Harvey Hampton is a second generation tub glaze businessman. His father Jack started the 1st tub glaze company in 1980 in Tallahassee Florida.
Harvey began TG in Michigan in 1889 after learning from his dad. His son-in-law Erik does Tub Glaze2 in Detroit area for 31 years, and now has his 2 sons working with him. So we are now 4 generations deep in this business. Harvey credits his great success to a close walk with God. He has held true to Bible principles of hard work, honesty, caring about others, and above all, dependency on God, both to resolve problems, and improve his own skills as his company grows. He also continues to learn how to improve his business & relationships with both his customers & employees to this day.

Because Harvey has done near 50,000 jobs himself, he can understand with hands-on experience your situation & project. He can actually see it over the phone (sometimes he may need your pics by text). He now has 3 workers that do the work, as he supervisors from the office, helping the customers with their questions & needs for their project, scheduling, & doing all the paperwork. You can trust him to offer you the best possible work, and most trusted warranty to back up every job, as he cares about the customer, and knows what is needed in each situation. We invite you to call him today, and let him personally help you with your need.

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