Q: Why should we go with Tub Glaze, rather than another company?

A: Tub glazing companies come and go. In our estimation, 90% of these companies across the U.S. don’t last more than two years. Many companies that train glazers seem to teach enough to get started in the business, but not enough for them to stay in the business. Many of the details and tricks-of-the-trade necessary to succeed go unattended. Tub Glaze’s nationwide training center here in Michigan was started up for that very reason. Our long term reputation (22 years as of November 2011) stands as proof of our excellence. Furthermore, by our estimation, half of our glaze business is re-doing the work of other companies.

Q: Do you have references I can check?

A: We have over 100,000 satisfied clients. Most of our work is either repeat or referral business. We have about 1,000 repeat customers. References are the best way to choose a company. Please contact our office (616-538-3310) for a list of references, both professional and individual home owners.

Q: How long will I have to wait to book a job?

A: Usually within one week. When you’re ready to schedule, please call and ask. Let us know when is the best time for you.

Q: Do you re-caulk where the tub meets the wall after is glazed?

A: Every other company in Michigan tells the customer to re-caulk once the glaze is dry (no one can glaze over existing caulk, because it won’t stick — the caulk must be removed). Most clients don’t like caulk, and don’t find it to be the best answer as a seal. The Tub Glaze solution is to remove the caulk and put GROUT in its place (grout is what goes between tile). We do three things to make it work: 1) We shape the grout a certain way; 2) we glaze over the grout with the tub, to waterproof it; and 3) we then seal it to the bottom of the tile or wall. Most people find they never have to caulk again.

Q: Is it hard to keep my tub clean after glazing?

A: We suggest a product on our warranty that will make cleaning easier than ever. This secret is shared with our valued clients. Everyone knows the product, and it can be purchased almost anywhere, yet no one ever uses it until we tell them, because it’s not advertised for tubs. It’s the least expensive, easiest to use product, and you will find that you clean your tub considerably less than before, because the product helps to keep it from ever getting dirty, instead of cleaning it afterwards.

Q: How much does glazing cost?

A: Please call to ask about your particular need. Every day we give exact quotes over the phone, simply by asking a few questions. After having serviced over 100,000 homes, it is very rare that we need to see a job to give a quote. The questions include: 1) What city is the work in? 2) What kind of tub or shower is it? — porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron, etc.? 3) Is it the original, or was it glazed or painted before? 4) Do you want the walls glazed also?